Thursday, 26 May 2016

Writing in Team Tekau

Today in writing, we worked with a buddy, teaching each other how to use Goggle docs to do our writing.  We had to share Mrs Haronga in on our writing, so she could comment on our work as we were writing!  It is great to be able to use technology so effectively to help us with our learning.
What are you saying now Mrs H?

Thumbs up to you too Jayden!

Hard at work.

Great tutoring Thor.

Sharmaine re-reading her work.

Olly hard at work.

Sofia with her thinking face on!

Mahstang concentrating hard on his writing.

Cameron and Jayden sharing their device.

Mrs Haronga was editing our work while we were writing!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Algebra in Team Tekau

Check out the cool maths learning that was happening in Team Tekau today.  (Sorry about some of the quiet voices!)  All children talking about their maths learning!

Monday, 16 May 2016

PTA Chocolate Fundraiser - HOME TODAY!!

Hi everyone, our annual PTA Chocolate Selling Fundraiser starts today!  The eldest/only child in every class has been issued with a box of chocolates to sell @ $1 each.  In the excitement of issuing the boxes of chocolates, the VERY efficient teacher in Rm 10 forgot to collect the Black Box from the office, which contained the letter explaining all about this fundraiser.  Please see the picture below and check your child's bag tomorrow!  Many thanks, and happy selling!

Friday, 13 May 2016


This week we decided to go and have some fun in the playground, throwing some of the MANY autumn leaves that have fallen!  We had a great time, throwing the leaves up high and watching them come raining back down over us.

In our writing over the next couple of days, we talked about the leaves, how they looked, moved, smelt and felt.  We then worked to create a sentence (or two) to describe what we'd done.  Then today, we published our sentences putting them on a background of leaf rubbings.  We are proud of the results and we think it makes our cloak bay look amazing.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Just a reminder that tomorrow we have mufti day at school, as a fundraiser to support an ex-Mahora pupil Aimee Fisher, who is going to be representing NZ at the Rio Olympics, as part of the K4 team.
Students who wear mufti are asked to pay $2.  Go Team NZ!!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Finding the perimeter

In Maths, we are learning all about measurement.  At the moment we are learning about the perimeter of shapes.  We know that the perimeter of a shape is the shortest distance around the outside of a shape.  Today in class we used linking cubes to help us measure the perimeter of different shapes around the classroom.  We worked with a buddy, measuring carefully and then recording our ideas down in our books.  Lots of great co-operative learning and working together happening today in Team Tekau!  Ka pai.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Story time with Mr Pearse

We've been working hard on our writing this week in Team Tekau.  We've been using story stones to help us be creative with our writing ideas.  We decided to challenge Miss Smith to write a story using one of our stones, which she did.  She then challenged us to find another teacher to continue on the story, so we chose Mr Pearse and gave him a different story stone to continue on the story with.  He did a great job with his writing, and we loved it when he came into our class to share what he'd written with us.  He told us that he needed to wear a creative wig while he was reading a creative story.  We'll let you be the judge of whether it was a good idea or not!!!  Click on the link to watch the video of Mr Pearse reading his story to us.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Bring on Term 2!

Term 2 has begun with a bang in Team Tekau!  This term we are working on creative writing, adding detail where possible to make our writing more interesting for the reader.  Mrs Haronga bought in her story stones to use as writing/oral language prompts.  We talked about how the stones might be used to help us in our writing, and why we might choose different ones.  There was lots of talk about what stones people liked or wanted to use, in fact there was a real buzz going on!  Bring on the amazing writing Team Tekau!