Monday, 2 May 2016

Bring on Term 2!

Term 2 has begun with a bang in Team Tekau!  This term we are working on creative writing, adding where possible to make our writing more interesting for the reader.  Mrs Haronga bought in her story stones to use as writing/oral language prompts.  We talked about how the stones might be used to help us in our writing, and why we might choose different ones.  There was lots of talk about what stones people liked or wanted to use, in fact there was a real buzz going on!  Bring on the amazing writing Team Tekau!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Using our whiteboard tables!

Today Cheyden was making great use of our whiteboard tables to help him during our Daily 5 lesson today.  He was sounding out his high frequency words and working on matching the letter sounds and names.  Ka pai Cheyden!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Today we say goodbye!

Today we say goodbye to our lovely CT Miss Ferris.  She has been with us for the last 5 weeks, and we have learnt heaps from her, and we may have even taught her a few things too!  Here are just some of the things that we've been working on with her over the last few weeks.

We created some lovely Samoan art works based on tapa cloth design.  Miss Ferris and Mrs Haronga then glued them onto a table and covered it with cover seal so that we will be able to work at our cool 'up-cycled' table.

Miss Ferris was teaching us how to include detail in our writing.  We had to taste something that she brought in and then describe it without actually saying what it was.  Here are some of our clues about the first thing we tasted....
It smells refreshing (Jayden)
It smells like a mixture of sweet and sour (Isla)
It feels slimy (Zephaniah)
It feels squishy (Ephrame)
It felt sour going down my throat (Blair)
It made my face feel weird (Kupa'a)
It tasted fresh (Mahstang)
It tasted disgusting (Olly)
It tasted sour (Tanishka)
I saw little seeds (Dawn)
It is the same colour as our school uniform (Sofia/Raymond)
I saw Sofia's scrunched up face (Hannah)
WHAT AM I??????
I am a LEMON!

It was hard to not use words that would give away too many clues too quickly!

We've also been working hard on our Maths, learning about fractions.  One activity we completed with Miss Ferris was sorting and matching fractions that had been written as words, as numbers, as part of a whole and as part of a group.

There have been lots of other fun things we've done with Miss Ferris and things we've learnt from her.  These are just a few examples.  We wish her all the best for a successful teaching career.  
Haere ra Miss Ferris

Thursday, 3 March 2016

What a busy time it has been!

Wow, we have started the school year with a 'hiss and a roar' (as my lovely Mum used to say!).  There has been lots happening and heaps on, as well as some fabulous sharing and learning.
Here are just a few pictures from what we've been up to over the last few weeks.

We wrote our class treaty that we all then signed and put up in class.

We were in charge of presenting the first school assembly for 2016 - and we were AMAZING!!!!

We had our Team 3 swimming sports which were great fun!

Our groups are all sorted for Reading and Maths.  Here the 'Circles' group are using number lines to 100 to help them when adding 2 digit numbers eg 26 + ? = 94

In swimming, we have been learning to pin drop, jump and dive into the pool safely.  










And then today, it was the whole school triathlon.  What amazing kids we have at Mahora School!  
Everyone really showed our school values of Attitude, and Self, by giving everything a go with such determination.




Isla and Zephaniah




Thanks to all whanau for their support of our children.  We think Mahora is an amazing place full of great kids - especially in TEAM TEKAU!